About the Common Room of ‘‘Acharya Narendra Deo College, Shahpur Patory, Samastipur’’

Graduate Common Room/Games room

Welcome to Acharya Narendra Deo College Common Room! Here you will find all the information you will ever need regarding social life at Linacre. Acharya Narendra Deo College not segregate fellows, staff and students off from one another. Instead, all members of Acharya Narendra Deo College share the same common room in college and are all automatically also members of the Common Room, the decision making body that looks after all of our interests.

Staff & Graduate Common Room

If you want to relax with your friends in a more relaxing and peaceful space without table tennis balls whizzing around your ears, you are also welcome to use the Staff & Graduate Common Room. This space is shared by Graduate Student and Staff members of the College.